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Go Green

  Green Leaf System [+] 

Cosmo Fiber has implemented a new business philosophy:  The Rule of Ones.  That is, we all have ONE earth,
ONE home, ONE chance to make things work.  We’re serious about saving our planet and know that you and your eco-savvy customers are too.  All too often nowadays companies engage in “green washing,” where they portray a promotional item as more eco-friendly than it actually is in an effort to boost sales. 

For example, you may see a lot of confusion about where nonwoven polypropylene totes really stand in the whole “recycling is everything” movement.  Are these totes recyclable? (Yes.)  Is it possible for the totes to have been recycled?  (No.)  However, many will say yes to both questions just to entice your dollar.

That's why we've developed the Green Leaf System, which is coded to the Leaf Legend
Our system basically breaks down the eco-friendliness of our promotional products down to 6 ways:  whether it's recycled, recyclable, reusable, biodegradable, less harmful in material components, or a less detrimental energy source user. 

Click here to see Leaf Legend for a more detailed explanation.

  Green Products [+] 

From items made out of recycled, eco-friendly materials to gadgets that run solely off of the sun's energy, if you're looking for a product that promotes your logo as well as your eco-savviness, then you've come to the right place.  Check out our
Green Products
section to help preserve our world.

Click here to see our line of Green Products.